Finances 101

C. Michele Wilson - Feb 27, 2016

Finances 101

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There have been many articles written about how the financial services sector is failing the Canadian consumer.  The banks, insurance companies, private wealth managers, and practitioners are all seeking ways to make ever bigger profits, while the Canadian consumer, just starting out in life, is left trying to wander through the maze of services available to them, and what does it all mean?


Maybe you just graduated from University, or you just arrived in Canada, you want to buy your own home; your employer offers you benefits, but you don’t understand them.  Perhaps you just had a baby, and are dreaming of his or future, or your parents need more support.  The list is endless.


We have been told it’s all on the internet, and it is, but how do you demystify the terminology so you can make informed practical decisions to get you through life, staying happy and healthy and with a little less stress?


Do you want to know about any of these things?  If so, I hope to be able to empower you to take control of your financial future through my upcoming articles.  Stay tuned.