FlexCare & FollowMe Health


The average household spent $1616 out-of-pocket on health care expenses in 20101
About 1 in 3 have gone without needed health care because of insufficient coverage (those with lower levels of income, women, self-employed and younger respondents age 18-34)2
Group plans may not provide enough health coverage
62% of employers do not provide retiree benefits2

1 Statistics Canada, Average Household Spending: Health Care 2010
2 Ipsos Reid Survey, Supplementary Health Benefits Research, June 2012.

FollowMe™ Health

FollowMe™ Health is designed to offer health and dental coverage for individuals and their family, when their employment and group benefits end.

As long as you apply within 60 days of your group health benefits ending, your acceptance is guaranteed upon receipt of premium payment – without a medical questionnaire or exam! (However, applications submitted after the 60-day period will require full medical underwriting.)

Association Health & Dental

The Association Health and Dental Plan is designed to offer small or large associations and small businesses with an individual health and dental insurance plan. This plan is also suitable for individuals that are looking for supplemental health care coverage.

If you are not covered by a group health and dental plan, are self-employed, or are a small business owner, the Association Health and Dental Plan can be right for you.  Click for a quote and to purchase coverage.